Dinah Washington - Dinah Jams! (1954)

my cousin happened to be at this gig, and ranks it as the best show he's ever seen. that's pretty high praise from a cat who saw Chuck Berry in a podunk Pennsylvania bowling alley in the 50s and was in the Village when Bird, Miles, & Coltrane were carousing with Mr. Brownstone. the intrumentalists - members of Max Roach and Clifford Brown's band moonlighting in LA during the height of West Coast jazz - nearly steal the show; Maynard Ferguson's verses on "Summertime" may be the single most awesome trumpeting i've ever heard. but Dinah is up to the task, and her renditions of "Come Rain or Come Shine", "There Is No Greater Love", and "Darn That Dream" rival Ella and Etta at their finest.

if i could find a girl that could sing like that i would marry her

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  1. Jun says:

    Darn, I was hoping it had Drinking Again, my favorite song of hers, but alas, it does not. However, thanks for the post! I'm enjoying it right now!

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