Kaija Saariaho - Complete Cello Works (2006)

this album completely altered the way i think about/listen to music, and pushed Saariaho to the top of my list of Favorite Living Composers. her 2nd gen spectralist music isn't "tonal", but it's not atonal either... sort of like hearing someone speak Italian - you may have no idea what they're saying, but it sounds sexy as shit. it's ultra-mod (in a not lame way) and i think it points a way forward for new music.

think of these as Bach Cello Suites for the 21st century - there's obviously a ton going on musically, but the point is that it SOUNDS good. opener "Petals" is probably my favorite track - i had no idea a single cello could make all those sounds (with an assist from some reverb and a harmonizer). and the production work is really incredible - silky and cavernous at times, extremely jagged and aggressive at others. on Oi Kuu (track 2), the cello and bass clarinet merge seamlessly until you can't tell where one ends and the other begins.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    could you please post some modern stuff (1995ish to now) similar to this in the future? i'm guessing most of it will be european or japanese.

  2. scott says:

    Thanks! This is great.

  3. ill! says:

    eh, maybe. i post enough jazz/classical here as it is, i'm in that kind of mood lately. check our older posts, WFLM has upped quite a few modern pieces in the last year. i'm sure you can find other great blogs solely dedicated to that kind of music.

    lots of really great stuff coming out of S. America, USA, and Scandinavia (esp. Finland) these days.

  4. Martti says:

    Which Finnish bands are you into?

  5. sol59 says:

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  6. Ed says:

    Your description really got to me. I want it. Any chance of re-upping the link?

  7. chris_c says:

    thanks, but could you please re-up?

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