Sincabeza - Edit Sur Passage Avant Fin Ou Montée D'Instrument (2007)

god damn, i don't know what it is about france, but it certainly does shit out great bands on a constant basis. here is sincabeza, a math-rockish band with exceptional music akin to that of chocolat billy. really good album with exceptional musicianship and some... rare than usual song structures. energy up the ass. fucking ace instrumentation in some tracks makes it as unique as it is good. like always, highly recommended!

oh, and because of the 2 million hits we achieved, here is a super rare alternate version of neutral milk hotel's oh comely!

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  1. Alpacas says:

    >open foobar2000
    >drag Oh Comely (Alt).mp3
    >5 minutes later


  2. u r an asshole, i was so excited for a rare alternate version you motherfucker

  3. Robdizzle says:

    Sincabeza is awesome thanks for sharing!
    Do you have the other cd?

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