The Bastard Noise - A Culture of Monsters (2010)

new LP from Man Is The Bastard alter-egos The Bastard Noise. it's not powerviolence, tho; it's more along doom/sludge/noise lines, with Nathan Explosion-esque vocals and pummeling... well, everything. there's a lot going on here, with really interesting custom instruments and Monoliths & Dimensions-level arrangements. still not really my thing, but it comes HIGHLY rec'd by metalheads and, either way, there's no denying that this is a good, challenging, and innovative release.

[removed on request]

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  1. This is an outstanding release. It feels like they summoned MITB. I kind of gave up on BN but this LP and the last split with the Endless Blockade have lit a fire. Go watch the video for Through Modern Existence, it sums it up.

  2. ribs says:

    wow, something I honestly never expected to see on here. thanks!

  3. klancyk? says:

    Thanks for BN. Cheers.

  4. ill! says:

    really excellent gatefold for the vinyl release, as well. i need to give this some more listens

  5. eric says:

    PLEASE take down this upload. Sincerely, Bastard Noise's manager.

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