The Gun Club - Fire of Love (1981)

huge RIP to legendary Hollywood dive bar, Ye Coach & Horses, which shuttered it's doors yesterday after 74 years (!) of excellence in the boozing arts. for decades it served the shadier side of Sunset clientele - daytime drunks, bikers, punks, and goths, not to mention scores of musicians, writers, starving artists, and A-listers on benders... and now it's gonna be a fucking bookstore. who can read at a time like this?

not only that, but YC&H had a kickass jukebox, chock full of lesser known 80s LA rockers, like this all-killer-no-filler release from punk trailblazers The Gun Club. it's big on blues/Americana like contemporaries X and The Flesh Eaters, which is why Jack White is on their dicks, but with a Richard Hell/Husker Du/E&Bunnymen speed burst. really, it most reminds me of Come On Pilgrim-era Pixies, and tGC beat them to the punch with the loud/quiet/loud thing by a good 7 years. and they all boozed at YC&H.

god this is depressing. i need a fucking drink.

i will fuck you until you die, bury you and kiss this town goodbye

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  1. Kurt says:

    Played this in the car today as i went to pick up the kids from school. Feels like heroin to me. Fuckin classic.

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