Nokturnal Mortum - Голос сталi (The Voice of Steel) (2009)

While I'm not actually participating in "Nothing But Black Metal November," I have been listening to quite a bit of the genre in the past few days. Here is one album that, if I was man enough to participate in this joyous month of festivities, I could have on repeat and never tire of.

"The Voice of Steel" is the translated title for this folk/prog/black metal masterpiece that was hailed as the metal album of 2009. I'm not sure that I would agree 100%, but to deny that this album kicks ass and takes names would be deserving of a solid blow to the head, courtesy of that viking blacksmith on the cover. What you have here is a rock solid black metal foundation, on top of which is layered all sorts of awesome folk melodies, badass vocals in Ukranian, and a dash of prog. Because seriously, too much prog and you'll end up with a sad, mournful trainwreck of an album. Sort of like Robyn's tits in Venture Bros.

EDIT: My original link was to a bad copy of the album. The last track skipped, as Stephen Fry would say, "like a bitch." I HOPE THIS ONE WORKS

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  1. I want to like it more, but there's something about the vocals that's giving me mixed feelings, I can't really put my finger on what though.

    Gonna listen all the way through, and maybe I'll figure it out.

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