VA - Symptomless Coma EP

Barcode Recordings hits us again with a hard as fuck release from a few of the top artists in the darkstep scene. Nothing but deep, roaring synths and sick drum programming on this one. Two songs that stand out are B Soul's "Markus", a very industrial song with "metallic" sounds and creeping basslines, and Current Value's "Cybernetics VIP" which is nothing but pure drum programming madness. The intensity Current Value adds to his songs is just something that just an extremely small amount of artists can do. A memorable mention goes to T.Z.A.'s "Fuct" in which he manages to make a mixture of techstep with the 2-step beat and the signature reese synths of darkstep.


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  1. chris says:

    fuking hell shits heavy and clean and dddark as fuuuk
    loooove it! very happy to have this and the...
    uh Everything_You_Feel_Is_Laced_With_Fucking_Lies-

    vampire laced dnb!!


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