Menomena - Happiness is Shouting Bingo! (2002)

Menomena has interesting instrumentation, good percussion, and quite a knack for a melodic groove. This album predates I Am the Fun Blame Monster! and is as-of-yet unreleased. A good look at the early experimental formula that Menomena likes to play with: the choppy, surprising drums, liberal saxophone and keyboard use, and lots of shifts in dynamics and mood. There are also very melodic instrumental tracks, alternate live versions of "Cough Coughing" and "Twenty-Cell Revolt" from IAtFBM!, and some very unexpected sounds from them ass well (see: "Sista Social Theme." It's a happy song, to say the least.).

Recommended tracks: "The Ladder" , "Let's All Unite!" , "Posh Isolation"

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  1. Robot. says:

    I was looking for this cd, thank you!

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    please re-up this, it's down. Thanks :D

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