Botch - An Anthology of Dead Ends (2002)


Botch were creative wizards. As a result they are the proud fathers of "Math-Metal" where bands like Dillinger Escape Plan have now taken over. Where alot of bands kept topping their works each time, At the drive-in, Refused, Botch, although following the same path, had TWO records that changed everything. Their second and final album "We are the Romans" is what showed everybody why they were such an important band and how they switched from, mis-understood noise merchants to creative geniouses.

However, this, their final e.p, topped up everything they stood for in 21 minutes. It showed their abilites to create, minmalistcally ('Spaim'), how to create noise within acceptable pop boundaries ('Japam'), create haunting ballands ('Afghamistam') and how to top it all off with one huge agressive jam session ('Micaragua').

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