Blues - Snakepit (2007)

Steadily forging through, throwing caution to wind since the beginning of 2004, BLUES consists five dudes blasting out dirty southern metal, mathy hardcore and rock n' roll fury from Tucson, Arizona. Jokingly self-described as "Botch n' Roll," their sound draws comparisons to Seattle's finest, Botch, as well as fellow contemporary hardcore acts Breather Resist, Coliseum, Every Time I Die and Since By Man. Having previously toured with Lords and Ed Gein and now kicking off 2007 on the road with the Jonbenet and close friends the American Black Lung, BLUES is road-tested and ready to spend the year kicking, crushing and destroying the majority of the USA.

Similar Artists: Every Time I Die, Converge, Botch.

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  1. Drew says:

    Hell yeah, BLUES. They've got a new EP coming soon, too. Very different than Snakepit, with a nod toward melody and electronics a la Envy. Pretty damn effing awesome, it is.

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