Breather Resist - Charmer (2004)


Similar Artists: Norma Jean, Converge, Botch
Recommended Tracks: Long Nights Short Fuses, Midas in Reverse, A Social Worker's Nightmare

When the applause came on five seconds into Charmer, the first full length by Louisville's Breather Resist, my heart sank. Charmer is eleven tracks of the good stuff, the huge heavy crush-core ala Norma Jean or a more bluntly bludgeoning Converge. The Converge influence is especially relevant given that Breather Resist recorded Charmer with Kurt Ballou at his God City Studios. Expect a record that sits on the high end of the Richter scale (it could level a small town) but that still has some nasty A Life Once Lost time sig changes. As an added bonus, continuing in the vein of Only In The Morning, Charmer has die cut, mind blowing packaging.

Personal Note: I've never fallen in love with an album so quickly in my life. Download it for me.

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