Wylie Vasquez Cable - 10,000 Hours (2011)

some extraordinary experimental beat shit from Wylie Vasquez Cable, HNIC at the promising newly-minted LA/SF-based specialty cassette label Dome of Doom. there's some pretty hype shit here, like the spastic tripcore of "Bumblebear," the fucked 8-bit of "Lemons," and the manic "Midnight Special"... but i prefer the slower, spacier tracks where Wylie's propulsive beat/bass-heavy instrumentation meets random blissed-out samples and converge in a delicious midtempo melange of sound that is absolutely captivating. check out the Jon-Brion-on-acid "Horses" and the twisted tropicalia of "Black Orpheus" and you'll hear what i'm talking about. the way he smoothly dubs out the blues sample on "Oakland Birds" is some serious next level shit. if you like no holds barred Brainfeeder-ish shit, then this is for you.

damn, yo

Wylie's got a new record out in November on Dome of Doom, so be on the lookout for that shit, too.

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