Sam Hatzaras - 2007 - 2012 (2012)

Consisting of two long playing tracks (side A and B of the cassette), this release takes a couple of genres and runs with them so far that they are stretched beyond the breaking point, and they snap and the pieces fall together to form this wonderful and occasionally confusing collage of ideas. There are pretty clear divisions between the many short form songs, even though they are lumped together as just two tracks. Snippets of hip hop, musique concrète, bass music, ambient, etc. jump in and out without warning but manage to all contribute to the same atmosphere and attitude, with nothing feeling too out of place or unnecessary. Effect-laden samples and synths are the main focus for the majority of the play time. Overall, this is strikingly well done (slightly reminiscent of Dean Blunt) and worthy of repeated listens.

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