Kreng - Secret Thirteen Mix 038 (2012)

Haven't posted here for quite a while...
This is a 38-minute long mix of avant-garde sounds. John Cage, Aphex Twin, Colin Stetson, Anthony Braxton, etc., etc., etc., all make appearances.

This mix impresses me in that it never feels forced, or artificial. I'm often frustrated with the use of avant-garde as a descriptor of music, since it doesn't say much about the sounds themselves, referring instead to their larger historical context. But Pepijn Caudron, the mixer, has created a cohesive work that puts numerous musical ideas together in a way that makes for a compelling listen.

My favorite moment might be Colin Stetson's ominous saxophone rumblings swelling over Philip Glasses "Metamorphosis".

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  1. ill! says:

    hi Will!

    this is rad, thanks dude

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