A Decent Man - Life Is Meaningless | Clouds Are Beautiful (2012)

beautiful and well-crafted 5 song release from NYC via Westport, CT's A Decent Man. the bookends are delicate, Air-ish soundscapes with stately melodies; but the meat of the EP is 3 tracks of sunny, lush, and richly textured synth-washed tunes bolstered by multi-layered percussion that manage to be both thumpy and skittery without losing their intimacy. i say intimacy, but there's also a sense of... grandeur, i guess is the word. all in all, just a really fresh listen if you're craving some elegant and unpretentious music to relax with.

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  1. Maalai says:

    Thanks for the information... I really love your blog posts... specially those on Local Tamil News

  2. kurt says:

    With a name like life is meaningless I just gotta listen. Thanks.

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