Zoo Kid - Out Getting Ribs/Has This Hit 7" (2010)

An EP by the artist formerly known as Zoo Kid - he's rolling by King Krule these days - which is hitting me really hard lately.

Self described 'bluewave', it's a sole, reverb-heavy, jangly guitar playing minor and augmented chords; overtop he sings, mutters and mumbles, with a british accent which is impressively low and mature for his age... he's only 17, and I'm pretty sure he was still 16 when this dropped.

Get down

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  1. kidloco says:

    I have problems with the zip archive.

  2. koven66 says:

    good stuff, a really unique sound.

  3. Sean says:

    been meaning to get the "out getting ribs" mp3. thanks for the extra push!

  4. Vale says:

    Really nice!
    I couldn't help but notice the resemblance of "out getting ribs" with "mason jar" by K.Flay (wich I downloaded from here as well) I found it very interesting.

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