Xihilisk - Xihilisk [2010]

This is a sort-of 'best of Xihislisk' album. I wasn't familiar with his work before listening to it, but it definitely convinced me to explore more.

A compilation // best-of album is particuarly succesful when an artist has such a broad range of work that a single album makes for an insufficient introduction. This is definitely the case, as Xihilisk works his range of black metal, experimental electronics, noise, post-rock, and ambient soundscapes. Where they most impress me is that even within such a broad spectrum of styles and sounds, there is always a consistent expressive voice. Xihilisk definitely has a cohesive sound, even if traditional genre boundaries are incapable of expressing // confining it.

My favorite track on this probably "Chysalis March", which gradually builds and builds until it soars in a crescendo reminiscnet of fire alarms, a symphony orchestra, whales singing, and norse-god Heimdallr staring into the future.

The cherry on top: he's got a very progressive attitude towards music distribution (i.e., his album Fuck the RIAA). Here's a link to his whole discography he put on his blog.

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  1. ribs says:

    Excellent, I love his stuff!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sounds Awesome, cheers dude will check it out. I admire his attitude towards music distribution..

  3. DHint says:

    This guy is cool thanks for the post!!!
    I wanted to recommend to you an artist that builds his music upon brazilian tropicalia. He is an Avante Garde artist by the name of Arto Lindsay. The Link for his album is below. Check out his cover of Princes' Erotic City. Its pretty cool. Enjoy and thanks again for the awesome music that you share!!!


  4. Will says:

    DHint: Interesting listen! I like hearing how he translates the tropicalia aesthetic into a more modern production style. What's interesting here, to me, is that he's not just making modern tropicalia--it's very much a stripped down, and in many ways less complicated sound. That said, the atmosphere and mood is very well re-constructed. The laid back, yet intensely emotional, vibe remains a strong aspect to his songs.
    My main issue is that it's not in Portuguese--I love the lyrics in some of the 70s tropicalia you were recommending a while back. Portuguese is fun for me, because it's just on the verge of understandable, between my English and (somewhat limited) French comprehension. As you might've picked up on from my posts here, I'm really not a lyrics person, and in a lot of ways I feel like in Arto Lindsay's lyrics distract from the instrumental parts that I'm more interested in.
    But word, I like this release a lot. I didn't look at the date (1996) until after I listened through, and I assumed it was much more recent. Stylistically the production and sparseness reminds me a lot of Caribou...

  5. DHint says:

    I'm glad you enjoyed it, Will! Your musical insight is much appreciated too. I've got an album or two of Caribou in my library and know what you mean. I am looking forward to your next post.
    Meanwhile. . . Have you ever listened to Vijay Iyer? He is a jazz pianist. My favorite instrument is the piano. Its so versitile. The First jazz album I ever picked up and was Monk's Brilliant Corners. That being said, Iyer is in my opinion the best artist that brings jazz to its next level of development. The swing is gone and replaced with very complex overlapping multiple rhythms. His piano skills make it sound like there are more than one piano playing at one time. Like Lenny Tristano, Iyers' piano skills sends my synesthesia into overdrive making letters and numbers pulse and glow bright neon. Anyway if you are not privy to his music you should check him out, I know you and all the readers of your blog will enjoy. Below are three links to some of his albums:

    Historicity - Great for first time listeners, has a cover of MIA's Galang - http://www.mediafire.com/?lg7czsecvc0r35b

    Solo - Solo piano, half re-imagined jazz covers and half new material - http://www.mediafire.com/?alfcnujt0wd6eeg

    Tirtha - Iyer and two others, Interpreting Indian styles. Its not jazz, not 100% indian, and I dont want to sully the music by putting a classification on it. It is different and worth checking out especially if you are into world music - http://www.mediafire.com/?qk22tg6md6k3656

    Thanks for allowing me to share my musical tastes and thoughts. Enjoy!!

  6. DHint and Will, thank you so much..

    Most every time a new album is posted here I am reminded why I love this place so much. What is more, is the feeling of community - that all every visiter to your blog really wants is to discover new good music.

    Genres don't apply on this site as we're all just insitiable addicts of great production and musical ability.

    tl;dr: Great music knows no conventions..

    tl;dr: Wauw, internetz.

  7. conar says:

    check out: Irepress- Sol Eye Sea I
    ambient metal prog jazz

  8. Anonymous says:

    Wow, thanks! Had no idea what to expect of this, and half way through I still don't. Other than epic progressions. I'll be checking out more of his stuff for sure. I think you're spot on with the recommendation of where to listen to this too.

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