Void Pedal - EP (2010)

an extremely chilled-out trip hop record. the vocal samples, skittering drums, and overall mood put me in mind of pre-hiatus Portishead but with wobbles/bleeps&blorps instead of scratches. if you like this, be on the lookout for VP's 2011 release, Omni Colour, which is also tits.


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  2. is it possible to get ahold of the Omni colour LP from you guys?it would be super sweet.

  3. MOOOOO says:

    Hey thought you might want to check this guy out. A crazy man from melbourne, part of Moutherific or Mouth and Kids in the wind

  4. you should give their site some love


    its a free download and i am sure they would love the traffic

  5. Love it, thanks for the share (and this blog). It's also available for free on their own website (not on spotify tho).

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