Worship Black Twilight - 2009

Right now, I'm baking several loaves of bread with upside-down crosses on them. This is because I can't afford to pay the entrance fee to catch some of these cool (angry) cats (black metal bands) tomorrow, and am going to do my best to barter my way in.

This is a compilation of some fantastic black metal bands from the legendary Black Twilight Circle collective. The tracks range from the biting hatred of Ashdautus, to the semi-ambient track by "Unknown", and the post-rock stylings of Arizmenda.

These groups are all the real deal, as is evidenced in this fascinating interview.

As always, if you love what you're hearing, support the band.

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  1. I actually own this CD-r :D

  2. john murn says:

    Rad. Can I make a request for anything in the back catalog of dillinger escape plan? and we sing the body electric by since by man? that would be gnar.

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