Björk - Biophilia (2011)

it's a Björk.


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  1. Buffalo says:

    Is this the regular edition or the one with the bonus tracks?

  2. I assume, by his smarmy comment on the album in the post, that the OP doesn't give a shit. But I, not being a pretentious asshole, do care. It does have the 3 bonus tracks.

  3. ill! says:

    i'm not pretentious enough to think that anything i have to say will encourage or dissuade someone from listening to a new bjork record. she's popular and a known quantity (like Radiohead) - either you're interested in her music or you're not.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Awesome album! Very much recommended. After the deception of Volta, it's a relief to hear that our favorite little elf still has her edge.
    Some might compare this album to Vespertine and in a sense they'd be right: it has the same slow-paced, contemplative magic. But it's also quite different. Vespertine was very airy and ethereal. Biophilia is, as its title hints, much more organic, even telluric sometimes.
    BTW, I urge everyone to look for the deluxe edition: it has a bonus CD filled with 73 mins of a July 2011 concert which, obviously, focuses on the new album, but also contains a few surprises, like a synthetic version of "Where is the line" and an updated Biophiliesque rendition of the classic "One day".

    @Cedric: I'm surprised you don't know this yet, but "this shit" is iTunes' proprietary format. Yeah, like all things Apple do, their determination to control things sucks ass full force...

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