Outsider Lounge Music - Captain Luke + Cool John Ferguson (2008)

"Music Maker Relief Foundation keeps our culture vital by directly supporting senior (over 55) American roots musicians in need. We provide for basic life essentials while expanding their professional careers so that our rich musical heritage can be shared with the world and preserved for future generations.

Since the organization’s founding in 1994, Music Maker has assisted hundreds of musicians who represent the traditions of Blues, Gospel, Old-Time String Band, Jazz and more."

Captain Luke, born in 1927 in South Carolina, sings a bass that's low and full of emotion. Paired with the bluesy guitar stylings of Cool John Ferguson, an album full of some killer blues tunes. Both personalities shine through, and make the album remarkably personal.

Check out this short video of Captain Luke teaching how to sing bass.

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  1. edlorado says:

    great discovery thanks!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Woaaaah, huge thanks. Great Monday find.

  3. Ruby says:

    hi i am an artist please send me your email and i will send you some stuff


  4. MSB says:


    check out the captain on this track!

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