Requests, plz.

Comment with an album that should be up here that I've never fucking heard of.
Include a description.
The coolest sounding one (as decided by me) gets put up.

Fuck you, pigs!


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  1. Sanakan says:

    Any genre? Well how about Iniquity - Serenadium? If death metal isn't applicable then my pick is Mare - Mare EP (Canada).

  2. OLDNIK says:

    Terminal Cheesecake - Pearlesque King of the Jewmost

    I think that wins on name and title alone!
    A seminal album for a now defunct band from London England who started like as noise terrorists, then refined their sound to include dub, copious dope smoking, obscure samples from obscure TV shows and on this album, wickedly dark sense of humour, not to forget covers of Neu! and Pink Floyd.
    I bought one of their later CD's from a bloke in a trendy market, I was telling how good this album was," yes, " he said... "I was the bass player!" small world

  3. DHint says:

    Rollerskate Skinny - Horsedrawn Wishes (1996)- Irish Noise Pop/Shoegaze, or Under Byen - Samme stof som stof (2006) - Danish Post Rock.

  4. ocra says:

    touchy mob-
    atlantic back

    young, bearded and talented guy from berlin with roots at the baltic sea...
    nice melange of bassmusic and folk elements.

  5. max says:

    sevaCaves is album my brother and i recorded in our garage. It took about six months to finish and the sound ranges from crystal stilts, to big blood, to Leonard Cohen, and fever ray.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Lol. I'm a pig, I,m a pig:))))))

  7. dispid says:
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  8. dispid says:

    Terror Train - s/t (2011, Attacknine)

    TERROR TRAIN is Nick Huntington, 1/2 of the electronic duo Freescha. Inspired by his love for disco balls, sci-fi and horror films, "Terror Train" is 10 tracks of galactic horror boogie, ambient disco, and teenage tears.

    In FLAC please.

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  11. (sorry for deleting my comment 2 times, it´s just that I post it and see some fucking english errors on it. So I delete and I try to make it better! I´m sure that there´re still a lot of errors here but I won´t correct it anymore!!)

    Oh, that´s great. Actually I have two recommendations from bands that´re on bandcamp.

    The first one is my own music. :)
    It´s hard to recommend myself so I just quote here a comment from someone in a blog who posted my music.

    "The guy is called Richard There and the album If The World Calls Please Leave A Message. I heard two songs of this album before but then I heard it complete and I was really impressed. There´s a strange mix there of some dadaist elements (all this phone calls that comes between the songs), with some darkwave guitars songs and some eccentric singer-songwriter stuff.
    All in a nihilist world point of view. Sometimes it remembers me things like Crime and The City Solution or some early Nick Cave records."

    Here the link for the album:

    And the second one is more obscure. The band or the man is called Brian Square. This is his first EP. I just heard it 2 times now but I was really in a kind of trance hearing it. The songs change all the time between a great sense of hope and despair. Sometimes it´s scary, sometimes it´s funny. I want to dance for it but then it comes something and breaks the rhythm. And the last song of the album impressed me a lot. It´s really something special that I can´t classify.
    Here is the link:

  12. BAD 3xL says:

    i would love to hear something new & interesting, so it's hard to what exactly i want to hear. but would love something that combines the likes of a Salem or Fever Ray, with perhaps some hiphop? Or maybe open some peoples ears up to some TECHNO ANIMAL... The Brotherhood Of The Bomb is just insane. Precursor to a lot of these hiphop cross over, some of the sickest beats. Broke the windows in my old apartment blasting the track "Sub Species"... it's that's not a good reason for upload, I dunno what is!

  13. Anonymous says:

    B(if)tek - Frequencies Will Move Together
    Australian electronic noodlers create music that sits somewhere between minimal house and ambient, yet still manages to invoke hazy memories of Kraftwerk-style pop grooves. At times clinically cold, at others relentlessly rhythmic, and always a perverse mix of alien and accessible. Fun fact: They received a grant from the Australian government to investigate the effects of low frequency sounds on humans - The result is this album. Another fun fact: One of these girls is now a published journalism professor. The other is off making weird-ass folk music in America.

    Soap&Skin - Lovetune for Vacuum
    Austrian art school dropout plays piano and sings/wails about love and loss. Highlights include DDMMYYYY, in which she has a seizure on a harpsichord(?) while a nearby woman cries; and Turbine Womb, which sounds roughly like what the unborn child of a secretary would hear from 9 to 5 every weekday.

  14. Lknapp2 says:

    Frank Zappa fucking your step-daughter (and you're not upset, but honored and ready to sacrifice your son to further satiate his sexual needs)

  15. hisaac says:

    The new AIDS Wolf. I can't find it anywhere. If it's anything like their last albums, it's like killing you until you die.
    It's on the top there.

  16. ROD!: 12 reinventions in search of the soul of everyone's favorite lesbian aunt, Rod Stewart

    coupled with

    HOT PANTS: A half decade reflection of the kind of isolating behavior that makes the music blogosphere just the lovely land of lotus eaters that it is

  17. Anonymous says:

    Fire Hum

  18. Anonymous says:

    bob mould, bob mould (aka hubcap)

  19. Deino says:

    Tim Buckley & Starsailor band, a bootleg from the concerts of Buckley's Lorca and Starsailor period. Avant garde Jazz with Tim's vocal yodeling/free styling. Rawer than in the albums.

  20. ragman says:

  21. Unknown says:

    the album cover of your next post after this reminded me of Stockhausen. His later works are even more mind blowing than his early works, sometimes more complex by a factor of 10 or 100. Try CD #48 Paare vom freitag.

  22. Anonymous says:

    The debut album from Bronnt Industries Kapital, a challenge to find. The Haxan soundtrack they did is one of my favorites.

  23. Conquering Animal Sound - Kammerspiel (2011)

    Debut album from Scottish laptop/loop/female vocals/male guitar duo.

  24. Alexander says:

    Does a rip exist of the Kallathon/ Volahn split, Disequilibrium of the Ecliptic Plane

  25. H@m says:

    It's good to see such a large community around you guys

    Have A Nice Life - Deathconciousness

    Wonder what happened to awesome guitar tones, anthem like beats and lyrics that wern't contrived filth?
    Deathconciousness is your answer. Just listen to the second track Bloodhail and you will believe me, and then probably why these guys aren't being played at the head of revolutions with such a youthful and huge sound(Seriously sounds like they're in a mill).

  26. Unknown says:

    Portfolio Days - the things that had to happen Rock/Indie/experimental

    poetic lyrics. jammy. interesting guitar work.
    ambient parts to some fucking tight crescendos

  27. Balanescu Quartet - Luminitza

    This is a string quartet from romania, and this album is all originals by the lead violinst Alex Balenescu. The songs are really awesome, creatively using the instrumentation for a really streamlined sound. A handful of drums, some vocal samples, and assorted other textures keep things interesting. Their other albums are worth checking out too and include kraftwerk covers, pieces by david byrne, michael nyman, gavin bryars, and other cool cats.

  28. edlorado says:

    Natimbales: a french vocal-jazz-folk group with really amazing live performances!

    They produced only one album

  29. You should check out Lotus Child's album Gossip Diet (2006). I serendipitously discovered the album while researching Buddhist influences in Chinese art, pretty bizarre but whatever. It's worth listening to, but unfortunately the band has since ended, but two of the members became The Zolas.

    You can hear some of the album here on their myspace:

    Also worth noting by this band is "Can't Buy Love" which can be seen here:

  30. juradub says:
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  31. juradub says:

    Here's an anomaly in this day and age: a band with a website that looks like it's been programmed by NASA but only three friends on their MySpace. One of which is Tom. Clearly they're new to the whole social networking lark, but seriously people, get some sort of discernable biog or press presence on the net. I have no idea who you are. I suppose that sort of business doesn't matter nearly as much as what the band actually sound like, and based on this set of compositions Scientific Support Dept. have a bit of a soft spot for all things trip hop, adding an electronica edge to their productions with touches that bring to mind Four Tet, or even Prefuse 73 (particularly on the fizzy, glitched-up programming of 'Harpi'). The second half of the album marks something of a departure from this sound, with smooth techno track 'J-Girls' and the crackly space reggae of 'Peanut in DUB'. A curious piece of work from the very start, Scientific Support Dept. are pretty hard to pin down, but helpfully that otherwise rather poorly maintained MySpace page informs us they make "Electronica/Dub/Pop", which sounds about right.

  32. DHint says:

    Here's a Band I just discovered: Fehlfarben - Monarchie und Alltag (1981), a German post-punk that did not sell well when it initially came out but slowly gained a huge following in Germany. I read statments from people who stated that the album affected them in much the same way Nirvana's Nevermind affected many Americans, some recalling the actions that they were doing on the day the album was released, kinda like Americans remembering what they were doing the day Kennedy was shot or the day the space shuttle Challenger blew up. Highly influential, they sound very much like Gang of 4, all lyrics are in German they had a single,Ein Jahr, released in 1982. Highly Recomended.
    And I agree with f-as-in-knife, Soap&Skin - Lovetune for Vacuum is very bizarre and unique and should not be overlooked.

  33. Mchvsky says:

    'Sets & Lights' the new material by Xeno & Oaklander!!! it's one of the coolest bands I ever hear in synth - dark wave movement in the present! This band makes all his music in Analog equipment! so fucking great! are from the label Weird Records!

    or you can listen to Weimar Gesang a synth wave band from germany in the middle of the 80's. So beatiful sound! reminds me to new order but with the voice of Ian Curtis, something like that! you need to hear it!

    P.D sorry for mi bad english... Cheers from Guadalajara, México.

  34. Will says:

    I promise I'll get to these. The entire east coast is without power right now, so it might be a little bit.


  35. Mike A says:

    Diatome rock by sigmon
    self proclaimed hop-rock boogaloo or Nirvana meets the black lips with riffs that you whistle throughout the day and lyrics that are whimsical from the light of the ipod generation.
    "Where have all the good man gone? they're in Hershey's Cookies n' Creme bars ma"


    Mangia by Snuffy

    Just a fun ass album that takes explores animal collective experimentation with a hip hop beat. just listen and you may be hooked. P.s band name is in homage to the late great Mr. Snuffulupagus

  36. Anonymous says:

    You and everyone else in the world overlooked (or have never even heard of) Blake Mills' "Break Mirrors." It was hands down the best album of 2010. He used to play guitar in Simon Dawes (which is now Dawes) and has played on tour and in the studio with Julian Casablancas, Band of Horses, Lucinda Williams, Kid Rock, etc. Even if you don't repost, I know you'll love it, so take a listen.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Pawel Mykietyn The Passion According to St Mark for chorus and orchestra

    Urszula Kryger mezzo-soprano
    Katarzyna Moś voce bianca
    Maciej Stuhr recitatore
    AUKSO Chamber Orchestra of the City of Tychy
    Marek Moś conductor
    Soloist of the Warsaw Boys CHopir by the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music
    Cantores Minores Wratislavienses
    Published by: National Audiovisual Institute, International Festival Wratislavia Cantans, Polish Radio S.A., 2011

  38. ward says:

    The new Gringo Star is awesome, and impossible to find for download. Streaming here:

  39. ward says:
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  40. Sr. Mares says:

    This one, if you are in a low fi/witch house mood:

    (Big fan of your blog here, btw)

  41. DHint says:

    Fela Kuti - African funky dance Jazz. Long tracks that will keep you dancin' all night long. Expensive Shit is my personal Favorite but the Black President comp is awesome as well. He inspired Curtis Mayfield and James Brown. And Speaking of those two Mayfield's Superfly and Brown's The Payback Are musical soundtrack masterpieces.

    Thanks for taking the time to post all the great albums that populate this blog and for reading all these requests!! Music is my muse. Au Revoire!

  42. Jap says:

    Scissor Sisters Single(FLAC) plz.

    Mary (especially "Take Me Out")
    I Don't Feel Like Dancin'
    Fire With Fire
    Any Which Way

    and if you have paypal account I could send €20 you.

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  44. Von Durden - Dandy Animals (2011)
    fucking power rock from belgium

  45. Anonymous says:
    Perspectives - Biz
    Hip hop, house, experimental album. New to the west coast scene. Something to chill and roll with.

  46. Yeah, I'm late to the party, but I've got the party favors.

    Nightwork - Burning Path ((dark electronic metal, members of the obsure metal band Agiel)) I found it free!!

    Geraldine Fibbers - Lost Somewhere Between the Earth and My Home ((violins and noise, gloom-punk. Their album Butch is good too))

    Chinawoman - Party Girl ((creepy sultry mysticism. deep, deep voice))

    Sleep Party People - debut album ((like strange lullabies, sweet yet creepy and threatening. also they wear bunny masks.))

    Daemonia Nymphe - any albums ((they're a greek band that uses reconstructed ancient greek instruments, neofolk))

    S O R I A H - ((3 words: Tuvan Throat Singing))

    also, add another vote for Soap&Skin - Lovetune For Vacuum

  47. You should check out Erick Bolivar
    This guy is a clever, witty, fun, passionate, quite the versatile singer/songwriter. his music is spanish pop/rock and is very cinematic i think.

    another really great upcoming artist is Michelle Jubilee
    talented songwriter who plays up her voice with a lot of spunk

    definitely think you should check those two out! :)

  48. cboyardee says:


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