The Wayward - Overexposure

The Wayward are a Prog Rock/Psychedelic/Indie (confused yet?) band from Fairfax, Virginia. The Wayward formed in the summer of 2004, roughly six months after the breakup of Carrion (Nov. 2000 - Feb 2004) drummer (Nathaniel Simms) and Vocalist/Guitarist (Nick Jan Skrobisz) were both from Carrion and were joined by Jesse Stanislaw Skrobisz (Nick’s brother) on bass. After three months of songwriting they toured as The Wayward.

The Wayward are an amalgam of a few different genres of music, but for the most part represent the genre of rock. The Wayward use many different styles of music to create perceptible tinges of a story beneath the instrumentals. This is a very underrated band, I would appreciate if you would give them a listen.

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