33.3 - Plays Music (2000)

A mix of jazz, rock, and melodic instrumentation, Plays Music is simply enjoyable as hell. 33.3 create a unique and harmonious sound of their own with a cello and horn in the mix, and for those who have heard their self-titled already, expect the same level of quality, and a little bit more. Very highly recommended.

Vaguely similar artists: The Letter E , As the Poets Affirm , They Mean Us

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  1. lawrence says:

    Both of 33.3 albums are very good. Plays music is wonderful. I got it when it came out. And it get played all the time. I have may tastes in music. Everything from Adam Ant to John Zorn (A to Z). This is on the top of my 'best of' list. I buy it as Xmas presents every year and everyone loves it.
    Also, check out the drummer's (Steve Walls) art work. I own one of his paintings. He's a great talent.
    Lawrence Maynard

  2. Great! Been looking for this since I heard it earlier this month. I figured I'd find it here.

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