Trap Them - Seance Prime (2007)


The American Northeast has a need every ten years or so for a band to come along and fill a musical black hole of anti-matter that can only be reached through feedback and blasphemy. Overcast (R.I.P.) filled that void competently in the 1990s for a spell before disintegrating, but now there is a hole once more. The re-located Today is the Day cannot truly be called a "New England" band but their vibrations are appreciated nonetheless.

Enter Trap Them, comprised of ex-members of (occ)cult bands December Wolves and Transistor Transistor, to occupy that negative space that is needed like sweet heroin for the many fans of heavy music in the NE and beyond. This is a swift follow-up to last year's and highly-regarded Sleepwell Deconstructor and this new release is worthy of praise and worship too.

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  1. joehammed says:

    Link is not working right now. I really want to hear this !!!

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