Horse The Band - A Natural Death (2007)


Yes, you read that right. It is small, to my knowledge, sub-genre of post-hardcore/screamo that integrates 8 bit synthesizers to bring to memory the music of games from the original Nintendo system. Think Mastodon in a mash up with Metroid and Super Mario Brothers 2. It's odd to be sure, but definitely a step in the direction of originality. A Natural Death is their third full length release, and first since 2005's The Mechanical Hand. To my ears, it is a step up from that earlier release, it features stronger songwriting but does not stray too far from the elements that make them stand out.

A Natural Death is a lot of fun. It is out on the fringe, but it is so damned intriguing. It is the kind of music that, when you first hear it, you will have one of two reactions. The first would be to just write it off as nonsensical bollocks, turn it off, never look back, and get on with someother music listening. The other would be to be curious, for good or bad, and continue listening to it. I fall into the latter category.

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  1. jc says:

    awesome album, great live band, cool dudes.

    i love horse the band.

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