Apologies. This is not an album download (oh how I wish it were), but I promise you'll love it.

Okay, so first, music:

This is the new project of  Martin Molin, who you might know from his legendary folktronica trio Detektivbyrån.  - Corrected!
This new project is called Wintergatan, and while it has many of the melodic and whistful ideas of Detektivbyrån, it uses them in a much more proggy way. I'm reminded of fnessnej (link leads to an old post of mine about them, which may or may not have a working download link), with echoes of Mum.
I'm eagerly awaiting for the release of this album.

Note to fellow posters: if what you're posting is
 a. on the front page of pitchfork
b. is a classic album that everyone knows (or should know) about

then reconsider posting it here. This site has so much potential for eye-opening deep-cuts, so let's try to maintain some quality.

Much love.


  1. Superscweet, thanks for sharing this. Reminds me of middle school science fairs, where the entire universe feels like it's right there in the room.

  2. But it is not the project of Anders Flanders.
    It is the project of Martin Molin, the mastermind behind Detektivbyrån as well.
    Anders is not a part of Wintergatan.

  3. This is the new project of Martin Molin, who you might know from his legendary folktronica trio Detektivbyrån. - Corrected! This new project is ...




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