Tomaso Albinoni - Concertos for Oboe and Violin

I'm stressed out, figured this would help me unwind. It made me way more tense. Especially that first track.

But! It's really beautiful, and I'd forgotten how much I love Albinoni. Also, I don't think the Adagio - arguably his best known work, though ironically he didn't actually write it - is part of this collection, but I threw it in because it's hands-down one of my favourite classical compositions.

It's big, so
here's part one
and part two


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  1. kurt says:

    Friend of mine gave me the adagio and I love it so thanks for more by this guy, looking forward to it.

  2. ill! says:

    this is great, never heard Albinoni's music before. thanks for the intro

  3. Emma says:

    thanks! love your posts lana

  4. Lana says:

    danke schoen, Emma!

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