Rare Earth - Get Ready (1969)

rare earth was a phenomenal psychedelic blues rock band that specialized in long intricate jams that are as rich musically as they are texturally. very santana in execution, a slightly doorsy organ with proficient musicianship, this is a strong record from this bands discography. good shit

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for going back to media fire

  2. Ed Dupuis says:

    great frackin' album thanx......

  3. kurt says:

    Sorry wflm, this is dire. Nornmally I come to your site and you educate me in the extremely diverse ways of music. From time to time I thank you for the wonderful service that you provide. This time you have hosted a turkey. Sorry, I was listening as cleaning up here in Dublin, Ireland, and thought, jesus, this guy knows so much better, this guy has taught me so much better, I gotta tell him to take this turkey down. Sorry and thanks. Kurt

  4. Hmmm, any chance of a re-up for this turkey, I like everything I've heard from Rare Eatrh?
    Many thanks

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