MinuteFlag - MinuteFlag (1985)

4-song, only-spoken-about-in-hushed-tones joint venture between The Minutemen and Black Flag. my homie described it to me as being "fruity," which is hilariously apt. i like it because it's silly and not very serious and there was obviously booze and weed involved, and because it's blissfully abstract in a way that only poorly conceived and executed music can be.

not exactly a ringing endorsement i know, but c'mon it's Pedro's finest

also, anybody want to rec me some 2guitars/bass/drums-type music? that shit is a dead scene to me and i'd love for someone to prove me wrong

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  1. jon spencer blues explosion - meat+bone

    smashing pumpkins - oceania

    tenacious d - rize of the fenix (seriously might be my fave rock album of the year, comedy notwithstanding. dave grohl on drums throughout)

    wavves - life sux

  2. BrunĂ£o says:

    Minuteflag is great!
    Some recs:
    just my taste, hope you enjoy

  3. Guitar music is pretty dead so here is a band with three drummers, saxophone and a bass


  4. Isaac P. says:

    Ugly by Screaming Females was pretty awesome; only one guitar but Albini's usual giant-fucking-drum-sound makes up for it.

  5. ill! says:

    thanks for the recs, yo, some decent shit. been chipping away at the new Godspeed! for the past few days

  6. http://imbeinggood.bandcamp.com

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