Coconut Records - Davy (2009)

This is a new album by Jason Schwartzman. It is pretty good. I'll spare you a tl;dr.

It is available elsewhere anyway.
You can listen to the whole album on Myspace if you want to, located here.

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  1. Hey Dustin, thanks for the Coconut Records love. I'm at DashGo and we work with Young Baby Records. But - could you please kill the link for the full-length download? Microphone can be a free mp3 for you, but we'd prefer folks head to myspace where they can hear the full record for free now. thanks,

  2. Unpopular says:

    "but we'd prefer folks head to myspace "

    I love 96 kbps

  3. jc says:

    96kbps is the new FLAC

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