Between the Buried and Me - Colors (2007)

I just bought this on vinyl the other day, and noticed it wasn't posted yet. I bet most of you have heard this album already, but if you haven't yet do it. Ultimate-Guitar named it Album of the Year in their annual This Year in Metal.
...Colors blows anything else considered to be "metal," or any other genre for that matter, out of the water. The technical ability, artistic vision and spot-on execution are absolutely confounding. Listening to it as a whole provides a truly unique experience that shows a band pushing themselves to their creative and musical limits and coming out with a monstrous work of art.

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  1. jc says:

    the vocals ruin everything for me

  2. sweeet ive been meaning to get into this lately. what a coincidence.

    also thanks for using megaupload, im using opera 10a and mediafire links dont work yet since its an alpha build so i always have to open it in firefox. pain in the ass.

  3. dustin says:


  4. Unpopular says:

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