Asobi Seksu - Hush (2009)

get it if you like: the organ, pretty girls make graves, mates of state.

asobi seksu's third album sounds nothing like it's predecessors, it still has that kind of cute melodic sound but it's safe to say the shoegaze days are gone. despite this album being more indie rock/dream pop it's still good, personally i like their s/t and citrus better but i enjoyed this as well, i'm sure most of you will like it more than i did though.


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  1. Adam Pope says:

    WHat's the password to open the zip file WFLM?

  2. kthxbye says:

    Solid album. Enjoyed it trough and trough.

  3. Stone says:

    Voice too similar to Avril Lavigne, but sounds like a good compromise between mùm and... some generic indie band with female vocals.

  4. Ryan says:
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