Radaid - Radaid (2002)

Radaid is a well known band in the guadalajara's "art-music" movement, they've been in the scene since 1998, with regular presentations all around guadalajara's music bars like haus der Kunst or puerta 22, they've been in china, france, the usa, and all over mexico... their style is simple, culture fusion, from chinese arp arrangements to little to non known musical instruments such as the tar. in 2004 radaid became the first non-classical music group to play in the "Teatro Degollado" from guadalajara, they even got a DVD from that presentation. enjoy the first release from "los hijos del sol"...

recommended track: radarush

similar artists: putumayo series, karl seglem, monocordio


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  1. Wow yet another surprise for me i love and thank you for your sharing!!!

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