Albinobeach - S/T

albinobeach, an instrumental post-rock trio hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa, have released their long-awaited debut self-titled EP on the 22nd of January 2008, through US Indie label Forgotten Empire Records. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Forgotten Empire is a fledgling, but rapidly expanding music label which is the spiritual home to a diverse roster of bands ranging from metal and hardcore to experimental, post-rock and ambient styles- including Texas’ The Grasshopper Lies Heavy, Italy’s The Dead Elephant, and UK’s GP-00.

Genres: post-rock, post-metal, psychedelic
Similar Artists: In the Wake of Giants, We Made God, Exassens, Russian Circles


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  1. Aldrenean says:

    This is ridiculously good, and absolutely stellar high. :P

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