Various Artists - Copulatin' Blues (1996)

I'm back and got something saucy for you. Collection of really racy, either thinly-veiled or blatant blues recordings about sex. Was revisiting this essay earlier today, and was reminded how important this collection is. These songs, and others like them, are products of an environment where oppressed black communities were openly discussing sexual enjoyment and power, arguably for the first time (at least in such a public, disseminated format), which is huge for intellectual independence and representational freedom.

I think there's a lot that can be taken from this. I also acknowledge that it's hugely problematic in a lot of ways. Let's discuss in the comments... but without further adieu:

part one
part deux

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  1. ribs says:

    Awesome. You should also check out the compilation
    "Those Dirty Blues"

  2. koven66 says:

    thanks for this one! amazing voices.

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