Milky Eel Powers - "The Jazz of Shapes to Come" (2012)

Psychedelic electronic sounds. 


(P.S. Drop Canvas? Yay or Nay?)

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  1. boro says:

    Hi. Im Boro from Gdynia, Poland. I,ve been followig yr blog for some time and i enjoy it a lot. I've been thinking that mayby U will be intrested in my new band music. For this moment we only have single, but whole album is coming out 7.12.2012. Im sneding yt link and fb page of the band. Good work with yr blog. Keep on rockin!

  2. boro says:

    sory for writing here in the coment but i dont see any mail on the site

  3. Will says:

    boro: put a mediafire / bandcamp link up here; I try to stick to whole albums (except when I'm drunk and put up halloween videos, per se).

  4. hello, i was also confused about where to email this sooooo. i was hoping you post and maybe review our latest tape release on your blog to help get the word out before our west cost tour in december. check it out, i think you'll dig it!

    here is the mediafire link.
    here is the bandcamp link

    thanks for listening,
    Keith and Ian

  5. boro says:


  6. kurt says:

    Gotta give this a go too, if the guy has the nerve to refer to Ornette Coleman's classic then it has to be good. Cheers.

  7. A. says:

    ddude mediafire, plz.
    also, freakin amazing blogggg

  8. boro says:

  9. boro says:

    Hi Its Boro again. Now We have whole album. Mayby if U like it U can post it

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