HudMo X Lunice - TNGHT EP (2012)

maybe i've just been sleeping on his more recent stuff, but i've personally never heard Hudmo go this hard before. maybe Lu has something to do with it. everything just thumps and booms, not exactly subtle; these are some serious, bass-heavy bangers that get necks snapping in even the most jaded of clubs. track 3, just... dayum.


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  1. koven66 says:

    they put out a fucking awesome mix on Diplo's BBC Radio show.(with lyrics

  2. Mike A says:

    Thank you for bringing this site back.....

  3. ill! says:

    that's a great link, i've listened to it twice today so thanks, kov.

    @mike, thanks for sticking with us we ain't going nowhere

  4. RaFa says:

    First time around and enjoying ! thanks for the link !

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