Christian Marclay & Otomo Yoshihide - Moving Parts (2000)

was really excited to pick this vinyl up. you might recognize the name Christian Marclay from his recent award-winning video installation "The Clock," which is probably the first universally-acclaimed artwork since that dumb fucking Damien Hirst shark-in-a-vat-of-formaldehyde (i like Cornelia Parker, Hanging Fire bitch). and you might recognize the name Otomo Yoshihide because he's a fucking boss and you should.

this record should make you mad because it came out in 2000. 2 dudes on turntables and 12 goddamn years ago and there's not much music that has come close to being as smart or entertaining since, and that's a real fucking bummer. track 1 is a 90's style intro and 8-9 are really hard avant, while closer "Distant Trip" is on some straight Twin Peaks/Badalamenti shit. tracks 2-7 have the most current references, so you should hear those in a highly rewarding 37-min block. but i mean listen to "Deep Down Under" and tell me you've heard something substantially better recently. young musicians get to work, it's getting fucking embarrassing.


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