Caddywhompus - The Weight (2011)

great straight-ahead rock record from NO's unfortunately named Caddywhompus. on first listen they might remind you of Grizzly Bear, especially with some of the open chord voicings they use, but it's clear that most of these guys probably were in hardcore bands at some point. the songs themselves are really great, full of beautiful melodies and often seamlessly shifting from section to section in interesting way - a throwaway line of melody, a harmony change in a bridge, or a rhythmic impulse can become the anchor for new ideas. lots of surprises, including some swingin' 6/8 (track 1) and cathartic squalls of noise (track 3), the latter of which are fucking awesome. i'd been craving a good ol' fashioned guitars/bass/drums album for some time now, and this delivered in spades.


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  1. this is a two piece band, which to me, makes their music far more impressive. the guitarist/vocalist Chris Rhem makes excellent solo work as well.

  2. Boyfrndz says:

    i love caddy! what is you alls email?

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