V/A - Verve Unmixed² (2003) and
V/A - Verve Remixed² (2003)

Some of Verve's best tracks, presented in their original form and as remixes.

First, the unmixed disc is incredible. Nina Simone's 'Sinnerman' is frantic and intense, Archie Shepp's 'Blues for Brother George Jackson' channels bop and funk to make a seriously heavy track, whilst Ramsey Lewis lays down pure funk in 'Do What You Wanna' to make something equally groovy. Really, every track is killer. And due to their nature - I wouldn't call many of them standards - jazz fans will likely find something they haven't heard before.

Second, the remixed disc... each track is reinterpreted by a different artist, and each artist seems to dig into already-interesting aspects of the originals. The catchiest components of the originals - a rhythm, a progression, a note - are the same components stressed or explored in the remixes. In short, they're tastefully done, they're interestingly reinterpreted.


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