V/A - I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore: 1927-1948 (2007)

The title of this collection sums it all up - this is music for the displaced, the disheartened.

It's a compilation of recordings by immigrants in America, and hence features an eclectic diversity of musical styles from French to Greek, Southern Gospel to Hawaiian. But while the songs don't sound the same - save for a low-fi warmth and crackle - they share a common time period: they were recorded during the Great Depression, the Second World War. The voices singing them were witnessing their world change, negatively and drastically.

In short, these artists didn't feel at home, and that translates through their music in melancholy, despondence and heavyheartedness. I think the real winners are 'Blow Wind Blow', 'Te Prohibido el Cabaret' and the title track 'I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore'.

Thank you, Mississippi.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Blow Wind Blow is the shit.

  2. B. Sack says:

    This is really truly a wonderful record, one of the greatest things I've heard in a long while, and so I thank you very much for sharing, if it wasn't for you I surely would never have heard it.

    My favourite at this point is 'Sorban Palid.'

  3. great post!
    i like the acadian tunes.

  4. D. says:

    If you like the title track, check out the album "Stars on ESP" by His Name is Alive.

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