V/A - Impulsive! Revolutionary Jazz Reworked (2005)

remixes of jazz tracks from the vaults of Impulse Records by a random cross-section of producers and DJs. worth the download for Rza's ridiculous re-working of a Mingus cut. groovy, funky, good.


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  1. Lana says:

    You're right about that Mingus track, holy shit. Such a mess in the beginning, but when the groove comes together... it's golden.

    I'm loving this whole album, thanks!

  2. Murphey says:

    This gem kills. The Rza cut was a great hook but the real joy is what Gerard Frisina does with Gillespie's afrofunk spiritual.

  3. ribs says:

    very nice-exactly what I was in the mood for today!

  4. koven66 says:

    the last 3 post by Ill are some seriously sick hip-hop albums. so far Attica Blues is my fav from this one.

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