Pocahaunted - Gold Miner's Daughters (2009)

So, last month, I had went out and purchased a cassette deck and a RCA-to-Stereo cable, for the sole purpose of being able to rip this cassette when it came in the mail. I was disappointed later that day when I came home and ordered the tape, and saw that it had made it on to the internet finally. I downloaded it and thought it sucked. There's a reason why. Read on...

Fast-forward to this afternoon. I went to check the mail, and was happy to find a padded envelope from EXBX Tapes. IT FINALLY ARRIVED! So, I ripped it, encoded it, and all that. Then I compared.

The other rip out there is shit. You can especially tell on the last track. It got warped. The tape sounded like it was being stretched out.

My rip is pretty good. Hope you enjoy it.

Get it here.

FLAC available upon request.


FLAC by request:
Part One
Part Two

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  1. phil says:

    i'd like FLAC too, please!

  2. jc says:

    dani filth featuring katy perry

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