Javelina - Javelina (2008)

Loud, dirty sludge. Sorry for lo-res album cover, it was all that was on the internets.

Similar Artists: Fight Amp, Deadbird, Rebreather

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  1. Peccaries (also known as javelinas, by the Portuguese name javali and Spanish jabalĂ­ or pecarĂ­) are medium-sized mammals of the family Tayassuidae. Peccaries are members of the artiodactyl suborder Suina, as are swine (Suidae) and hippopotami[1]. They are found in the southwestern area of North America and throughout Central and South America. Peccaries usually measure between 90 and 130 cm in length (3 to 4 feet), and a full-grown adult usually weighs between about 20 and 40 kilograms (44 to 88 pounds).

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