John Fahey - The Dance of Death & Other Plantation Favorites (1964)

Taking traditional American folk, bluegrass, and blues influences and expanding their possibilities with his own original, melodic, and increasingly intricate fingerpicking and slide guitar techniques, John Fahey laid the foundation for what would become known as American Primitivism, referring to the self-taught and innovative take on the American musical tendencies of the period between the early 20th and late 19th centuries.  This early steel-string acoustic album of his only begins to hint at the level of dissonance, experimentation, and spacey arrangements and textures Fahey would eventually bring to his work, while still remaining a blend of traditional styles, classical composition, and Fahey's own signature imprint.  The last four tracks were not on the original release, but added to this reissue of the album.

Dance the dance.

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  1. This is among my most favorite albums of all time. Nice selection.


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