Katie Gately - Katie Gately (2013)

Gately fills a niche here that I don't think most of us even realized we were missing. Bending acousmatic sounds and her ethereal voice into warped and spacious vignettes that both intrigue and appeal to our most primal pop sensibilities, this S/T is a certain winner.


  1. Here's the album on bandcamp: http://publicinformation.bandcamp.com/album/katie-gately

    Her Pipes cassette is fantastic too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M32PxeWrTFA

  2. ^That bandcamp link is probably better than the boomkat one so I switched them out. Thanks.

    And yes, Pipes is also a great release. I anxiously await a full length.

  3. good stuff! more updates please guys!

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