Timeghoul - 1992-1994 Discography (2012)

Old school DM group formed in 1987 as Doom's Lyre.  This is a compilation of their complete discography.   Sadly, it's only comprised of two demos: Tumultuous Travelings and Panaramic Twilight (misspellings are kvlt) released in '92 and '94, respectively.  Regardless, this is an excellent sci-fi spin on the genre, complete with an over-abundance of excellent OSDM riffs.  The music here definitely leans progressive/technical, but it retains a raw edge and, despite the recent rework and the on-going loudness war, is certainly not overproduced.  This one's neither bricked nor shiny-clean.  One of the very best releases of 2012.
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It's much easier to compress the folder that the album is in into a zip file so you can just upload that one file. It'll download as the zip and then you can just open it back up to the original folder.