SONOIO - Blue (2010)

electronic release by alessandro cortini, who had a short tenure with nine inch nails. on the darker side of the spectrum, blue is pretty interesting in its employment of casual songwriting techniques towards electronic musical craftsmanship. fun.

Kevin Drumm - Sheer Hellish Miasma (2002)

There have been a ton of great noise releases lately, and they inspired me to come back to this monolith of an album. This was the first noise record I ever listened to, and I remember thinking it was ridiculous. "Who can enjoy this shit?" But alas, I found myself coming back to it over and over. The engrossing drones, the meticulous arrangement of sound. Nothing feels wasted, and every moment is a world unto itself. A classic, and one of the masterpieces of the "genre."

Joan Torres's All Is Fused - Before (2012)

if your holidays went anything like mine, you were probably searching for some chill shit to throw on while the fam was around. this sneaky good record, for which Joan Torres recruited a who's who of Puerto Rican session jazz players, fit the bill nicely.

while i suppose this is nominally fusion jazz, the rock-based elements are downplayed quite a bit - there are few huge riffs to be found, little of the claustrophobia i tend to associate with modern albums in the genre. literally, though, it's hard to shake the fusion label, as most of the compositions incorporate a wide swath of styles, latin and tropicalia stuff most obviously, into what basically amount to bop/post-bop structures and sensibilities. as such, the ballads ("Disbelief," "Tragic End")are really smooth and spacey, and the players have a bit more time to stretch out and shape their their verses. But the real highlights come in the more mid/up-tempo tracks, where i hear subtle similarities to Idris Muhammad and maybe Jaco, too. certainly not an earth-shattering record, but what it does it does well, and i've been putting it to good use this past week for sure.


Delaney - Delnay (2004)

folk-pop from french singer christelle delany. really laconic singing, very reminiscent of nico with some serge gainsbourgsnian mystique. very well crafted pop music.


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Rain Parade - Emergency Third Rail Power Trip (1983)

80s paisley under band rain parade's most lauded work. really good psych folk-rock/pop in the vein of the zombies, beatles, olivia tremor control etc with a bit of a dismal sound sometimes reminiscent of joy division, blank dogs et al.

Roomful of Teeth - Roomful of Teeth (2012)

An album from a vocal octet that sounds utterly original? Yep. The singers of Roomful of Teeth go from making guttural noises to singing heartbrakingly beautiful melodies and back again so quickly you won't even know what's happening, but it would be hard not to notice that what they're doing is amazing. Consistently powerful and moving, this debut is a wonder, and a strong album of the year contender.

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Belles Will Ring - Crystal Theater (2011)

belles will ring is a modern pastoral psychedelic baroque rock/pop act. rich with harmonies, very fleet foxes like - but it's more like if fleet foxes were the beatles then belles will ring is the rolling stones. really damn good, fantastic production. and look at that cover.

Narwhal Decimation - DØD SNØ GOD JUL (2010)

Fuck Christmas music, right?

Grindcore / electro / whatever-core group Narwhal Decimation hits all the right notes in this blasphemous Christmas album.

"Frøsty Da Snømang" is a bouncy, 808-driven techno piece, and "Silent Night" is anything but, with chugging power chords. "White Kwanzaa" (lolwut) is more in the black metal vein, and a couple tracks ("S▲lem Cl▲us Is Coming to Town", for instance) are downright witch-housey.

You need this.

Here it is:

DJ Rum - Mountains EP (2011)

Showcasing a mastery of bass rumble making, sample manipulation, and driving rhythms, DJ Rum presents an altogether danceable (and enjoyingly listenable) mini collection of tracks. boomboomboomboom

AHEE - Xhals (2012)

best of 2012 time! been meaning to post this album since it dropped last month - i've all but worn it out on my tape deck in the meantime. it's a breakthrough release from AHEE, who crafts his records using only found/homemade samples without the use of electronics and synths.

side A is a cheeky mash of random sounds featuring glitched out breaks and earworm-y melodies reminiscent of Gaslamp Killer's neck-snapping live stuff. and while it's fun to play spot-the-sample with the lip-smacks of "daiyatoma" or the multi-ethnic strings and lawn sprinklers of "ulklld," what really takes this release over the top is the fucking brutal side B. the tension mounts as the samples get more abrasive/aggressive until finally going supernova during "slyvlrs" and on through the climax of the predictably caustic "dentist." it's maybe the most compelling and evil bit of audio wizardry i've heard in 2012 - quite the feat in what was, generally speaking, a solid year for new music.

that cover art looks like a manatee on steroids

also, i'd recommend springing for the cassette which comes with a neat-o insert where AHEE breaks down how each track was constructed. Xmas gift ideas, yo!

Seekae - PlusDome (2011)

experimental sequenced indie pop. i don't usually like what people do with what these guys used to make their album, but i like this a lot. the production is top notch and the songs are so fkin smooth man jazz for your soul.

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