Elliot - Found Sounds (2011)

This is Elliot, the electronic beat artist from Australia that no one's heard of. Found Sounds is his debut album and honestly, it's quite good. To get a quick idea, think DEM HUNGER, Teebs and Matthewdavid... The beats are abstract, cinematic, full of fuzz, melodic and dripping with bass-y goodness. One of 2011's most underrated instrumental electronic albums.

This morning, I was sent a copy of Fancy Mike's remix for "Thundering Plants" (track #3) and frankly, the remix alone is the reason I absolutely had to make this post. While the original release is solid, Fancy Mike's remix is stunning! Stripping the original track of its elements and relying solely on the vocals that were nearly lost in the original, Fancy Mike creates a slowed (dare-I-say-it?) post-Burial/dubstep sputter of a track. James Blake, Mount Kimbie, Hyetal, Balam Acab and just about every other forward-thinking electronic musician would be proud right now. Tip!

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